USU Extension Professor Helps With Wellness App

Jul 1, 2021

The pandemic had many people reflecting on their mental health, and for some of it meant turning to apps for help. USU Extension’s Family Life Specialists, Dr. David Schramm partnered with Impact Suite to help come up with a new mental wellness app. He is here with us today to talk about this new app.

 Kailey Foster- So the app is called Climb- can you tell us about it?

David Schramm- It's a health and wellness app designed not just for those who are struggling. Anyone can use it- it tackles topics like positivity in parenting, mindfulness, meaning, and marriage, even sleep and stress. It covers such a wide range of areas designed to help individual users progress in their life journey.

KF- How useful can an app be for people struggling with mental health or even just wanting to make changes in their lives?

DS- You know, this app is really could be a game-changer in the realm of self-improvement. I've never seen anything quite like it- it's like a life coach in your pocket. It's so timely because now people are hurting. They are struggling and looking for ways to improve themselves. This is just an easy, simple way that they can use for help.

What it does, comes down to three areas where they can learn; they’re listening, or they can read these research-based scripts. They can track their progress, connect with others. And they can even connect with therapists or coaches if they need to.

KF- Throughout the pandemic, it seems like a lot more of these kinds of apps just popped up; what makes this app different from others?

DS- This was a team that came together. There were experts in so many areas of personal life that came together to partner with Impact Suite to develop something that has such great depth, and I would say the breath.

I've never seen any app like Climb- that covers so many topics, again, from relationships to finances, money management, and sleep. It just has a unique way of tracking your progress, teaching so many different types of topics, and then the ability to connect with others.