USU To Hold Ceremony For 2020 Graduates During Homecoming Week

Aug 4, 2021

USU Will Hold A Celebration For The Class Of 2020 During Homecoming Week This Fall
Credit pxfuel

After having their graduation ceremony postponed twice, Utah State University’s class of 2020 finally has an option for an in-person celebration. 

USU announced that during homecoming this fall, there will finally be an in-person celebration for the class of 2020 with a cap and gown ceremony.

The on-campus ceremony will take place Oct. 23. Virtual elements will be available for graduates who cannot make it to Logan.

Naomi Ward graduated from USU in the Spring of 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, graduation was postponed until Fall. When things still weren’t looking up in the Fall, graduation was postponed indefinitely.

“We thought that everything was going to be fine by then and obviously it wasn’t," Ward said. "So it was pretty disappointing just because college is hard. It was a lot of hard work and I was really excited to celebrate my accomplishments.” 

She said although she was disappointed there couldn’t be a graduation ceremony, she was never angry and felt USU made the right decision.

Ward will not be able to make it to the ceremony since she is now living in Virginia, but she is happy the class of 2020 is being celebrated.

“Some of my friends are first generation students, and it was really important to them that they were graduating," she said. "And it was especially disappointing for those people that they didn’t get to have that ceremony and celebrate that accomplishment.” 

According to the university, registration and more details about the celebration will be made available soon.