USU Hosted Bi-Annual 'Sheep Day' This Year In Wyoming

Oct 16, 2017

USU students conduct breeding soundness exam on ram.

On September 30, USU held its bi-annual Sheep Day in Fort Bridger, Wyoming. Sheep Day is put on every semester by Dr. Lyle McNeal, a Utah State University Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Science Professor. During Sheep Day, USU students evaluate rams and conduct breeding soundness exams. 


Melissa Herrera, Utah State University ADVS major, said that she hopes the program continues to make sure that students get a hands-on experience.


“I am a vet tech but in the clinic I currently work at, we only work with cats and dogs and sometimes exotic animals. So I never got to work with larger animals like sheep and it was a great experience because I got to see how the exams are done and what we are looking for," Herrera said. "This program is important enough to continue because people like me who don’t have experiences with large animals are able to get that, especially other people who are planning on going into the vet program here at Utah State.”


Samantha Clark, a freshman at USU and ADVS major, says her favorite part of Sheep Day was the hands on experience.


“Even with experience working at a vet clinic back in Maryland, I have never been able to experience anything like this, and it’s going to be very helpful in the future. There was just so many people and everyone working together for a mutual cause trying to help these sheep,” Clark said.  


The event is scheduled for next semester, and Sheep Day students are hopeful they can get even more students to participate.