USU Updates On Fall 2020 Semester

Apr 17, 2020

When USU President Noelle Cockett addressed the university community Friday in a virtual town hall, a topic of concern was how the upcoming fall semester will be held. 

Cockett hopes that by fall, USU will be able to transition back to face to face classes.

“The number of people brought together in this different ways will be limited," said Cockett. "Some people are saying 20 to 25 some people are saying possibly up to 100 some people are saying that with screenings such as temperature, etc, larger events may occur. But we will be moving to more face to face interactions. On top of that though this new norm will be imposed protection gear, Plexiglas, gloves, masks, etc. And through that we can all help keep each other safe”

The Vice President for Academic and Instructional Services, Robert Wagner said that the University is planning for several different scenarios when planning the fall semester.

“There'll be a survey that will be soon going out to faculty seeking their feedback so that we can learn from this experience as we move into summer and prepare for those different scenarios fall," said  Wagner. "We've also began serving students and getting their feedback and learning from their experiences. So that information and that data will also be part of the different plans and scenarios that we will be laying out for fall semester.”

More information about the upcoming fall semester will be released as it approaches.