Utah Company's Donation To Parks Stands Despite Shutdown End

Jan 29, 2019

A Salt Lake City-based company is fulfilling its $100,000 donation to support three national parks in Utah despite the end of the partial government shutdown.the uniform and linen rental company Alsco donated the money last week to fund operations at Zion, Bryce and Arches national parks.

The federal government has been funded for three weeks.Credit commons.wikimedia.orgEdit | Remove

  The money was split between the nonprofit organizations that support the parks.

Roxanne Bierman, executive director of Canyonlands Natural History Association, says the organizations will hold the money in case another shutdown occurs.

The federal government has been funded for three weeks.

She says Arches National Park would identify other projects that could be funded should shutdown fears pass.

Lyman Hafen, executive director of Zion Forever Project, says the organization will consult with Alsco for how the money should be used.