Utah Man Claims He's Been Illegally Blocked On Social Media

Jul 2, 2018

Aaron Johnson filed lawsuits after the Salt Lake City's city council Facebook page blocked him from posting on their wall.
Credit open-scout.org

  A Utah man has filed a pair of lawsuits claiming state and Salt Lake City officials have violated his free speech rights by blocking him on social media.

Aaron Johnson says he enjoys ribbing politicians online.

The 53-year-old says he's been bolstered by a recent federal court decision barring President Donald Trump from blocking people on Twitter.

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski's spokesman Matthew Rojas called one filing a meritless screed. Rojas said Johnson hasn't been blocked from any sites controlled by the capital city's administration.

He has been blocked from posting on the city council's Facebook page.

The lawsuits were filed without the assistance of an attorney.

The first of Johnson's lawsuits were filed against state officials in January.

State attorneys have asked the court to dismiss the case.