Utah Searching For New Elections Director

Aug 3, 2021

Utah state director of elections Justin Lee recently announced he’s resigning for a new career opportunity. Lee leaves his post in a couple weeks.

Lt. Gov Deidre Henderson, whose office oversees all Utah elections, will be tasked with selecting Lee’s successor. A nationwide search will be conducted to find the replacement. 


Henderson says her biggest concern with finding a new elections director is the existing distrust in elections across the country and in the state.  She says the narrative undermining elections is a big issue and some of it is coming from Utahns who have gone through the election process themselves. 


Henderson says we have some elected officials in Utah who are “peddling ignorance for political points,” which is a big concern for her. She declined to mention specific names, but her goal is to select a new director of elections who is honest and trustworthy.