Volunteers Clean Up Trails For Pack It Out Utah

Sep 16, 2021

Green Canyon trail in Logan.
Credit Emma Feuz

Even rain couldn’t stop volunteers from coming to Pack It Out Utah, a statewide effort to clean up as much trash as possible. This event will last through September 19th and includes any effort people make to pick up trash along trails, streets, or just by their homes.

Cache Valley held their first in-person trail clean up on Saturday with groups cleaning up Green Canyon, Blacksmith Fork and the River Walk.


Extension Assistant Professor for Watershed Quality Hope Braithwaite said people were excited about participating in the event. 


“There were a few people who were saying, oh we have a smaller group than we thought we would have, which is totally fine,” Braithwaite said. “Just as many people as want to and can, getting out is fantastic.”


Due to the pandemic, last year’s Pack It Out Utah was an individual effort. Graduate student and volunteer Ellie Smith-Eskridge said she was happy to get out in-person this year along with a group of fellow students.


“I think it’s really cool that the whole community gets involved. It’s just really great to be in person this time, which it’s been hard to try and volunteer virtually,” Smith-Eskridge said.


Saturday’s volunteers collected trash to beautify Cache Valley but also to help avoid pollution in our watershed. Braithwaite said that our efforts really do make a difference.

“Basically anywhere you pick up trash it will have a positive effect on our waterways,” Braithwaite said.

Smith-Eskridge said she plans on helping out at this event for years to come.

“It felt really good we were able to socialize but at the same time be good stewards of our environment,” Smith-Eskridge said. “I’m really looking forward to continuing to do this every year.”