'What Men Want' Movie Review with Casey

Feb 15, 2019

Credit What Men Want

Flipping the script on a light-hearted romantic comedy has never felt so dismal or uninspired (much like my own personal love life). What Men Want is a remake of the 2000 comedy What Women Want when Mel Gibson (Daddy's Home Two, 2017) magically earns the power to hear all women's thoughts and even more magically becomes less of a misogynist in the process.

For this new release, we have Taraji P. Henson (Hidden Figures, 2016) leading the film as a bossy sports agent in Atlanta constantly butting heads with her male colleagues to get the recognition she deserves. One sip of spiritually-infused tea and a bump on the head gives her the magical power to hear men's thoughts. Parts of this film are entertaining when our leading lady puts her newfound power to good use; once during a poker game and once when negotiating with a high-powered client. But so much of the R-rated humor is predictable, boring, and juvenile. I felt like this film borrowed all of its punchlines and comedic zingers from other films. I know you can't see me as you read this, but my eyes have been rolling since I started writing about this film. I would only give What Men Want a recommendation if you enjoy jokes about farting, male anatomy, and sex.