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State vs. Government Land Grab on Thursday's Access Utah

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Thursday on Access Utah we explore the boundaries between state and federal sovereignty.  We feature a debate on Rep. Ken Ivory’s (R-West Jordan) proposed bill that would challenge the federal government’s ownership of land in Utah, calling for the U. S. government to hand over ownership of land in Utah and imposing penalties if the federal government does not comply.  Tom Williams’ guests in the first half of the program include Rep. Ivory and Rep. Joel Briscoe (D-Salt Lake City) who opposes the bill.

In the second half on Thursday, we explore one of the largest and most resource-rich countries in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, with Jean-Paul Olowa, the country’s Deputy Minister for Communications, who was recently in Logan seeking to strengthen collaborations between his country and Utah State University.  The Democratic Republic of Congo is emerging from years of civil war and anxious to rebuild.  We’ll talk about security, tourism, the economy, human and natural resources, and hopes for the future.