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One Utah, Many Stories: Writing Personal Histories on Access Utah Wednesday


On Wednesday’s Access Utah we’ll discuss writing the stories of our lives, and the book, One World, Many Stories - Seeking Freedom and Dignity, Experiences of Utah residents, which was published recently as a community outreach project of the Utah Chapter of the Association of Personal Historians.

Tom Williams’ guests include Paulette Stevens (editor of the book and member of the Utah APH,) Tom Taylor (member of the Utah APH,) Sheryl Allen, and Rozina Bahlibi, all of whom tell their stories in the book.

We’ll also talk with Pat Gantt, an Associate Dean in the USU College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and founder of the Four-Minute Memoir project. And we’ll talk with StoryCorps founder David Isay.

Events associated with the book are coming up at The King’s English Bookshop (February 11) and Weller Book Works (February 18) in Salt Lake City. Workshops and presentations on life story writing are taking place this spring in 10 Utah counties. Information can be found on the Utah APH website - www.utahaph.blogspot.com.