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Native American Society on Friday's AU


Today on Access Utah we hear from Utah State University Anthropology Professor and author Steve Simms. He has spent the last few decades researching and learning of Utah's ancient peoples with archeology as his scientific tool. His book, "Ancient Peoples of the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau," details human occupation starting in the region 13 thousand years ago. Throughout the book, Simms debunks any previous notions of how the Native Americans lived, teaching instead of the complex cosmopolitan and diverse society driven by technology, just as we today are driven by technological advances. 

Then, on Science Questions, Sheri Quinn and Suzi Montgomery talk to the past and current members of the Conservation Corps. From the time of the Great Depression on, Americans have been actively engaged in conserving the wilderness for future generations. The duo talks to past members of the corps, teaching their experiences and telling their stories, along with how newcomers are changing the landscape today. Utah Conservation Corps members discuss their involvement and motivation for helping with the conservation of the American lands.