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Polar Bears and Sustainable Life on AU Friday


On today's Access Utah, Sheri Quinn talks with Wildlife Biologist Steve Amstrup. He spent 27 years researching wild polar bears and was instrumental in getting the bears listed as a threatened species  under the Endangered Species Act. Today, as chief scientist for Polar Bears International, he no longer faces the polar bears in the icy Arctic terrain and instead focuses on raising public awareness about global climate change and its threat to polar bear populations. 

At 9:30 Science Questions is part three in a series on teens and addiction. This episode  presents a new education trend geared toward treating and educating youth who struggle with addiction. These "Recovery Schools" are blooming across the nation, healing students and giving them a second chance at life and graduation.  The program features students from Valley High School in Salt Lake, and discuss the stigma of the school, and how they got an education that helped them grow there.