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Life on Mars and Water in Nevada on AU Wednesday

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

The Mars rover Curiosity touched down safely early Monday morning as thousands worldwide looked on. Curiosity will now get to work investigating whether or not Mars has had a climate hospitable to life. We’ll celebrate this monumental engineering success and look ahead to the science to come, with University of Utah Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Tabitha Buehler; Kent Tobiska, Director of Utah State University’s Space Weather Center; and former NASA employee and current USU Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Stephen Whitmore.

Then: The BLM has ruled in favor, the Goshute Tribe is very much opposed, and one Nevada official says that state may need to sue Utah over a proposed project which would transport water from eastern Nevada to the Las Vegas area. Snake Valley, which straddles the Utah/Nevada line may or may not end up being included. We’ll navigate all the ins and outs with Salt Lake Tribune reporter Christopher Smart.

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