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"A Thousand Voices" on Access Utah Thursday

"His name was Carlos. Carlos Louis Salazar. And when his mother had troubles, I more or less stole him. Or that's what I always said. He was the son I wanted, and I did get him for a while."  So writes Jeri Parker in A Thousand Voices, her new memoir of the remarkable relationship between a young, single woman and the wild, beautiful boy, who for a time took the place of the son she’d lost. Jeri Parker first met Carlos Louis Salazar in 1964, when she was a high school teacher in Ogden and he was a student at the Utah School for the Deaf.  He was ten years old and “more other-worldly than childlike.”  A Thousand Voices  is a meditation on the limits—and the limitlessness—of human language. Jeri Parker joins Tom Williams for the hour on Thursday’s AU.