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Business Writer Hyrum Smith on Access Utah Tuesday

What matters most book cover

“My father was a professor of speech, and I grew up in Hawaii with the mindset that you have to get a college degree, get into a big corporation, and grow in a big corporation. So I did that. What I discovered when I got into identifying my governing values was that the thing that I really wanted to do was teach. I looked at the academic world, and I didn't have the credentials to teach in the academic world. So I decided, ‘I'll teach in the corporate world. They'll take anybody in the corporate world (which is true).’”  So writes Hyrum Smith on The Leader Network dot org.  

Hyrum Smith, of course, went on to co-found Franklin Quest and write best-selling books like "The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management" and "What Matters Most." He said, “in the rush and press of modern life, too many have lost contact with the deeply held values that matter.” Hyrum Smith will give the keynote address on Wednesday at the Utah State University  Huntsman School of Business Partners in Business 38th Annual Operational Excellence Conference at Utah State and he’s Tom Williams’ guest on Tuesday’s AU.
We’ll also talk with Utah State University President Stan Albrecht about the successful conclusion of USU’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign.