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Not Old Enough to Be a Snowbird, but Awfully Tempted

Canada Geese D0006_compressed.jpg
Ray Foster
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

It's the time of year when birds start flying south for the winter, leaving humans behind to deal with the change in weather in other ways. Jennifer Pemberton wonders if maybe the birds have the right idea.

What I understand is Zugunruhe, which is German for PMS -- pre-migratory syndrome. Zugunruhe is what happens to a migratory bird in a cage, characterized by over-eating, restlessness, and obsessive orientation behavior toward the direction the bird should be traveling. I’ve got a bad case of pre-migratory syndrome right now. As the temperature drops lower and lower each day and the trees get down to their last brown leaves, you’ll find me pacing in front of southern-facing windows. Probably with a chocolate bar in my hand.