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A World Without Fish on Access Utah Friday

A world without fish,

  Major scientific studies conducted by a team of international scientists, warn there will be no virtually no fish or seafood from the ocean by the middle of the century.  Only 50 years left for sea fish. Mark Kurlansky, prominent author of numerous non fiction books and articles, well-known for his bestseller COD: the fish that changed the world, has a new book out now for children and adults, called "A World Without Fish."
On Science Questions, archeological data suggests the Aché Indians lived and hunted throughout the Atlantic rainforest in Paraguay for thousands of years. Now they are cornered near a shrinking region of the endangered forest, rich in biodiversity and hosts several species threatened with extinction. One Salt Lake resident worked with the tribe. His book tells the story of a fictional band of Aché forced to deal with the diminishing forest in "The Shrinking Jungle.