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Digital Security on Monday's Access Utah


We’re putting more and more of our lives in the cloud. More and more our transactions are electronic. Which is convenient and fast. But is it safe? How secure is all that stuff in the cloud or moving around electronically, like your credit card information or your bank records? 

Malware might have your computer linked into fraudulent activity right now without your knowledge. And how vulnerable are we to surveillance, by government or anyone else? The USU Huntsman School Partners in Business Information Technology Conference is featuring a panel discussion on security on February 25. We’ve got the three of those experts on Monday’s Access Utah: Chad Harrington, CEO of Triptio; David Thaw, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, University of Connecticut; and Branson Matheson,Systems and Security Architect, sandSecurity.

Listener Questions:

“Are the new chip and password credit cards available now and are they compatible with European system?”-- Tim from Cedar City

“My information was compromised in the Target breach. Will new credit cards be more secure in online transactions?” Madeleine from Lyman

"If most European customers have chips in their cards how are they now handling online transactions?"--  Mario Buonafede, Saint George, Utah