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So What Are We Afraid Of?

I have heard people speaking of fear a lot lately. Recently I heard a couple of new graduates express their fear of life beyond high school. A business manager recently told me about an employee who was behaving unusually toward co-workers and management. Everything about the situation suggested that the employee was frightened, lashing out one moment, retreating and defensive the next. On a larger scale, I read about war in the middle East and conflict in Ukraine, and the world watches, fearful of the possible outcomes and consequences. Closer to home, our own Tea Party rebellion in recent years seems mostly based upon fear. Several commercial radio and television programs cater to the fearful- and the rantings would be comical if not so scary.

So what are we afraid of? And what does fear do to our relationships and our economy? Must we be so afraid?

And there is another thing most of us fear- irrelevance. Simply, it means not mattering at all and being ignored. Prisons use solitary confinement. Teenagers, and immature adults, use cliques. Nations isolate their foes- in irrelevance.