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Amity Shlaes' "Coolidge" on Thursday's Access Utah

Harper Collins

Amity Shlaes is author of four New York Times bestsellers, The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression; The Forgotten Man: Graphic, an illustrated version of the same book drawn by Paul Rivoche; Coolidge, a biography of the thirtieth president; and The Greedy Hand: How Taxes Drive Americas Crazy. Shlaes chairs the board of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.

Amity Shlaes gave a presentation in Logan on February 18, hosted by Strata, a Logan-based public policy think tank, and by USU’s Center for the Study of American Constitutionalism. Shlaes writes for Forbes and National Review and spent more than 10 years as a columnist for the Financial Times and Bloomberg.

Shlaes is winner of theHayek Prize and currently chairs the jury for the prize, sponsored by the Manhattan Institute. Many readers know Shlaes from the Wall Street Journal, where she served on the editorial board, writing on foreign policy, taxation and other topics.  A magna cum laude graduate of Yale College, Shlaes is married to fellow journalist and editor Seth Lipsky. The Lipskys have four children.

Amity Shlaes says that Calvin Coolidge is an underappreciated figure in American history.

We’ll talk about Coolidge and his times and about the 1930s and the Great Depression. We’ll also hear some stories that Shlaes says could have been included in Ken Burns’ film “The Roosevelts.” We’ll even hear a clip from the Andy Griffith Show.  

Tom Williams worked as a part-time UPR announcer for a few years and joined Utah Public Radio full-time in 1996. He is a proud graduate of Uintah High School in Vernal and Utah State University (B. A. in Liberal Arts and Master of Business Administration.) He grew up in a family that regularly discussed everything from opera to religion to politics. He is interested in just about everything and loves to engage people in conversation, so you could say he has found the perfect job as host “Access Utah.” He and his wife Becky, live in Logan.