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The Zesty Garden - June 25

Photo of Poppy Mallow

When it comes to plants, I’ve never really had much of a problem growing them, that is…until I tried growing an orchid. I can keep it alive for a year but it gradually just dies on me. It’s kind of embarrassing for this gardening show host. However, after a conversation I had last year with Shane Taylor of Cactus and Tropicals, my orchid thumb is now green! You’ll learn today what you need to do to keep your own Moth Orchid, or Phaleonopsis, growing well. And are you considering planting a Norway Maple? Well…don’t. You’ll learn why in a revisit with USU Extension Forestry Specialist, Mike Kuhns.  In Going Native! you’ll learn about the lovely Poppy Mallow or Wine Cups (it blooms into fall with 3-4” magenta purple blossoms). In Bug Bites, it’s all about growing the right type of milkweed to help the Monarch Butterfly populations, then finally in Petals and Prose, Nancy Williams finishes with reading about bees.

Listen to The Green Room/Shane Thomas-Moth Orchids

Listen to Bug Bites/Diane Alston-Milkweed

Listen to Going Native!/Barney Barnett-Poppy Mallow/Wine Cups

Listen to Wait, Wait...Don't Plant That!/Mike Kuhns-Norway Maple

Listen to Petals and Prose/Nancy Williams-Bees