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Cars Of The Future On Tuesday's Access Utah


Michael Nees, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Lafayette College, writing in theconversation.com, says that "self-driving cars are expected to revolutionize the automobile industry. Rapid advances have led to working prototypes faster than most people expected. The anticipated benefits of this emerging technology include safer, faster and more eco-friendly transportation. But, says Nees, we shouldn't ignore the human element of automated driving. Self-driving cars will still need people. He says "we can draw insights from aviation, as many elements of piloting planes already have been taken over by computers." 

On Tuesday's AU we'll look into the future of cars and driving. We'll talk about automation and self-driving cars, and advances in electric cars. Our guests will include Michael Nees and Edwin Stafford, Professor of Marketing in the USU Huntsman School of Business.

Edwin Stafford is a professor of marketing, researcher, public speaker, news commentary writer, and documentary film producer whose work centers on sustainable entrepreneurship, DIFFUSION, and the marketing of renewable energy and clean technology. He has been writing about and lecturing on that car copanies need to do to further expand adoption of electric vehicles.

Michael Nees is an assistant professor of psychology. His research interests include auditory perception, human factors issues with auditory and multimodal displays, assistive technologies, accessible and universal design, accommodations for standardized testing, cross-modal metaphors, encoding in working memory, auditory expertise, auditory imagery and visual imagery.