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Puerto Rico Relief With Edwin Melendez, Dorany Rodriguez And Carlos Nunez On Thursday's Access Utah

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One month after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, 3 million Puerto Ricans, or 80%, are still without power. More than a third of households are without reliable drinking water at home. The death toll may be in the hundreds. CNN reports that “much of the island feels like it was hit by a storm yesterday.” And some Puerto Ricans are expressing the worry that the news cycle will turn and the island’s needs will be forgotten.

We’re going to focus on Puerto Rico today and try to point you to good ways to help. We’ll seek some context and look at some history as well. Our guests include: Edwin Melendez, Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning at Hunter College and Director of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies; Dorany Rodriguez, Salt Lake City lawyer; and Carlos Nunez, a Utah resident who started Utah Support for Puerto Rico (https://www.facebook.com/utah4puertorico/?ref=br_rs)