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'Being Elizabethan' With Norm Jones On Monday's Access Utah

USU History Department

Elizabethans lived through a time of cultural collapse and rejuvenation as the impacts of globalization, the religious Reformation, economic and scientific revolutions, wars, and religious dissent forced them to reformulate their ideas of God, nation, society and self. Being Elizabethan portrays how people’s lives were shaped and changed by the tension between a received belief in divine stability and new, destabilizing, ideas about physical and metaphysical truth. 

In forty years at USU, Jones headed the History Department, founded Religious Studies and Classics, and taught thousands of students, who honored him as Teacher of the Year in 1982 and 2018. 

He chairs the Regents' General Education Task Force and for 21 years has led Utah's "What is an Educated Person?" Conference. A veteran of national higher education boards and committees, he chairs the AP Higher Education Advisory Committee of the College Board. He has been honored nationally and internationally for his leadership on undergraduate curricula.