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4-H, A Youth Program That's Not Just For Farm Kids

4-H is the largest youth organization in the country, and this week Utah has been celebrating with events throughout the state. This year, organizers are emphasizing that 4-H isn’t just for those interested in agriculture.

According to its mission statement, 4-H aims to support “youth to reach their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development." 4-H is often associated with agriculture, but Utah leaders are emphasizing that the organization has a more extensive purpose.

As an Extension 4-H Educator, Ali Teuscher plans and facilitates 4-H events for youth in Weber County.

“So, we have leadership'" said Teuscher. "There’s photography, there’s sewing, cooking, robotics, there’s lots of different things in STEM, shooting sports, there’s gardening."

Presley Packard, a student at Weber Innovations High School, joined the 4-H program only one year ago. She came into 4-H having no background in agriculture and is now the president of her county’s Teen Council.

“When I was raising my lamb, when I first got it, I knew absolutely nothing about anything about it, so just going to all the different meetings, and learning how to get different sponsors, and learning what kinds of feeds and everything helps them to gain weight," said Packard. "One of my favorite meetings was the one where we learned how to put together our portfolios to show off our projects.” 

4-H stands for "head to clearer thinking, heart to greater loyalty, hands to larger service, and health to better living." This program is available in the State of Utah for youth five to 18 years old.