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2020 UPR Art Mug Contest Winners

The Votes Are In!

We're proud to announce the winner of this year's UPR Art Mug Contest...

Madeleine Alder

"My Radio Family"

Madeleine writes of her submission: "Since my childhood, I have seen how public radio brings people together. My grandparents are avid listeners of the radio and UPR provided the constant soundtrack to most of my memories in my grandparents' home. Even now that my grandparents are older and have less mobility, they still keep the radio nearby. My grandma, Helen Cannon, is known to put the radio by her wheelchair and listen for hours. Now that I have moved away from home and am pursuing my own direction, I have fallen in love with public radio for myself and I am building a community of friends who also love the joys of radio. This idea of UPR bringing my family and community together was the idea that inspired my mug design. I wanted to show that radio is built by the community and that, in turn, radio makes the community a brighter place."


Congratulations Madeleine!!!


So if you are one of the many people who loved this design get ready to show your support for it and for Utah Public Radio by donating during the Member Drive!


In addition to Madeleine's design, the next 11 top-voted designs will be included in a UPR 2021 calendar available during our Fall Member Drive!


Congratulations to the following winners and their artwork as well:


Andi Jorgensen – "The Hills Are Alive!"


"The Hills Are Alive" By Andi Jorgensen

Andy Worrall – "2"


"2" By Andy Worrall

Bill Graham – "Backyard Birding"


"Brickyard Birding" By Bill Graham

Carl Berger – "We Are UPR 2020"


" We Are UPR" By Carl Berger

Drew Vasquez – "Utah UPR"


By Drew Vasquez

Ken Martinez – "Utah Rocks"


"Utah Rocks" By Ken Martinez

Kristen Salinas – "Utah State Sunset"


"Utah State Sunset" By Kristen Salinas

Kristi Grussendorf – "Technicolor Utah"


"Technicolor" By Kristi Grussendorf

Reyhan Baktur – "Celebrating Women of Utah"


"Celebrating Women Of Utah" By Reyhan Baktur

Stephen Bevan – "UPR 2020"


"UPR" By Stephen Bevan

Tara Fritz – "Creeping Along Utah"


"Creeping Along Utah" By Tara Fritz