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Special UPR Broadcast: 'The Pulse: Finding Resilience During a Pandemic'

UPR will broadcast a special epsiode of The Pulse from WNYY on how to be resilient during the pandemic. The edpisode will be played on UPR at 10 a.m. on Friday and at 3 p.m. on Saturday. After it airs, it can be found online here

What does it take to get through a global pandemic? How do you keep going, keep working, get up every day and hope for the best? Around the world, people are discovering the answer through their own sense of resilience — the resources within ourselves and our communities that brace us against outside pressures, allowing us to bend, and not break.


On this episode of "The Pulse, we explore what resilience means, with stories about people facing down sometimes impossible situations, and finding a way to adapt, recover, and eventually bounce back. We hear about an Olympic athlete who is dealing with the historic postponement of Tokyo 2020, an ER nurse in New York City treating patients with COVID-19, and we’ll find out why kids may emerge stronger on the other side of this pandemic.