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The 2020 Disinformation War With McKay Coppins On Wednesday's Access Utah

Utah State University

McKay Coppins is a staff writer at The Atlantic and the author of The Wilderness, a book about the battle over the future of the Republican Party. He appeared last week at a virtual event presented by USU’s Institute of Government and Politics and the USU Department of Journalism & Communication. The title of the event was “The 2020 Disinformation War: How Propaganda, Conspiracy Theories, and Fake News are Shaping the Presidential Election -- And What To Do About It”  McKay Coppins will join us for the hour on the next Access Utah.

McKay Coppins is a staff writer at The Atlantic, covering national politics and the Trump presidency. Previously he was a reporter for BuzzFeed News, where he covered two presidential campaigns, and Newsweek. Coppins was listed as one of the Forbes 30 under 30, included on Politico's list of 2012's "breakout reporters," and identified as a rising TV pundit in Details magazine. He lives in New York City with his wife and three young kids.


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