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Project Resilience: Hope At CAPSA

Hidden behind the closed doors of a Logan home, an abusive husband locked up his wife's and children's shoes. He thought he had them trapped inside. But one night the desperate woman grabbed her two kids and fled out a back window—running away barefoot in the snow.

A kindly gentleman driving by stopped and asked if they needed help. They needed a ride, and he drove them to the CAPSA emergency shelter. CAPSA opened their doors and took them in.

With COVID still bearing down on us, CAPSA has seen requests for help increase 66%. The shelter is full, but the dedicated staff is not turning anyone away. They're putting people up in hotel rooms.

It's time for all of us to take a cue from the kindly gentleman in the story and find a way to help organizations such as CAPSA carry on with its vital work in our community.