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Project Resilience: Masked Bell Ringers

Three hand bells in front of sheet music.

When the pandemic hit and social distancing became the order of the day, the Westminster Bell Choir at Logan's Presbyterian Church knew it could no longer gather to rehearse in the small basement room at the church. 

Undaunted, the bell choir director Cathy Bullock marched upstairs to the sanctuary with a tape measure, keeping everyone a safe six-feet apart. Then she could squeeze seven bell ringers into the space. She found music written for small ensembles. Rehearsals continued. 

So if you should see a masked bell ringer slipping into the church on Tuesday or Thursday evening, wish them well. They won't be able to put on their traditional Christmas concert at the tabernacle this year. But they're hard at work preparing a special Christmas video. 


You can watch that Christmas video here.

Mary got hooked on oral histories while visiting Ellis Island and hearing the recorded voices of immigrants that had passed through. StoryCorps drew her to UPR. After she retired from teaching at Preston High, she walked into the station and said she wanted to help. Kerry put her to work taking the best 3 minutes out of the 30 minute interviews recorded in Vernal. Passion kicked in. Mary went on to collect more and more stories and return them to the community on UPR's radio waves. Major credits to date: Utah Works, One Small Step, and the award winning documentary Ride the Rails.