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Learning To Manage Your Money


 Kailey Foster- Amanda Christiansen, editor of the Utah Money Moms Blog, is joining me today to talk about USU Extension's new PowerPay Money Mastery Online Course.

Why don't you start by explaining to us what this program is?

Amanda Christiansen- The power pay money mastery online course is a self-directed video-based course for anyone who would like to sort of amp up their money game.

KF- Why is it important to understand these topics?       

AC-  That's a great question. I think we've seen recently that we feel that there's a lot that can be out of control in our life. And money has been a topic of concern for a lot of people lately, as well.

One of the reasons it's important is to remind ourselves that we are in complete control of our financial decisions. So, we're in control of deciding to save for emergencies or to pay off debt or to look at our retirement contributions, or to figure out the best way to track expenses with our spouse or partner. Those decisions we are in complete control of.

If we can learn some expert tips to help us along the way, then I think that can be a motivating reminder.

KF- What is the time commitment for this course?

AC-  The time commitment for the course depends on how invested people want to get.  I've seen people go through it in a week because they dive in and want to want to get it all in as fast as they can. I've also seen people take about a month to go through it and look at things you know, gradually and maybe with a spouse or a partner who's only available in the evenings, for example.

So, either way, it works. Either way, you're going to get out of it great, great personal finance information.

KF- Where can people go to get more information or to sign up for this program?

AC- So we have information at You can also go directly to