52 Strong: USU Civil Rights Pilgrimage

  • Hosted by , Justin Prather, Jason Gilmore, Adrian Bustamante and Miranda Vance

Utah State University Assistant Professor of Global Communication Jason Gilmore with a group of college students traveled by bus to Selma, Alabama for the anniversary of Bloody Sunday. Along the way, the group of 52 stopped at sites important to the Civil Rights Movement. Gilmore sent UPR reports from the road.

52 Strong: Civil Rights Means Rights For All

Mar 13, 2015
Jason Gilmore

Our last installment of the 52 Strong USU Civil Rights pilgrimage series takes us on the road with iconic civil rights activist Bob Zellner. USU professor Jason Gilmore tells us more about the white man who stood up for the rights of blacks, understanding that it was truly for the rights of all.

52 Strong: Bloody Sunday In Selma

Mar 9, 2015
crowd gathers in Selma, Ala.
Jason Gilmore

Our next installment of the 52 Strong: USU Civil Rights Pilgrimage series takes us to Selma, Ala. for the fiftieth anniversary of bloody Sunday. USU Professor Jason Gilmore brings us the history of the now infamous march, with research help by Austin White of Bellevue College.

Jason Gilmore

The first installment of “52 Strong” comes to us from a Greyhound bus station in Montgomery, Ala. The series follows USU Professor Jason Gilmore and two of his students as they travel through the South as part of a civil rights pilgrimage.

Montgomery, Ala. is contested space. On the one hand, it was considered the cradle of the Confederacy. On the other, the birthplace of the modern civil rights movement. It is the stories of courage and determination of the civil rights movement that drew us here.

52 Strong: USU Civil Rights Pilgrimage Preview

Feb 27, 2015

The fiftieth anniversary of the 1965 civil rights march from Selma is coming up next week. Hoping to gain attention for voting rights, peaceful protesters, in the face of violence, walked 54 miles between Selma and Montgomery, Alabama.