Crossing Borders: A Yearlong Storytelling Project

This UPR original series is a yearlong storytelling project about borders that are crossed to pursue goals or make changes in society. 

New episodes added monthly through June 2018.

The UPR Original Series "Crossing Borders" is a yearlong storytelling project between UPR and the USU Office of Global Engagement - providing services for international students and scholars; and facilitating study abroad opportunities for students and faculty. 

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Ross Chambless

Life for a refugee in America is as different as their story of how they came to live in the states. And for one refugee living in Salt Lake City, he feels fortunate enough that he wants to give back. 

In mid-July, refugee and refugee supporters gather in Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. It was World Refugee Day, an event hosted by the Utah Refugee Service and the Department of Workforce Services. UPR contributor Ross Chambless was there and collected stories from those who now live in Utah and how the community is rallying around refugees. 

Latino Leaders Network

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Mickey Ibarra founded the Latino Leaders Network to encourage and support Latino youth in making a difference; in their own lives as well is in the community. 

Raised in foster care as a child, Ibarra went on to a distinguished career in government and politics -- including a position in the Clinton White House.

Ross Chambless

U.S. Immigration Laws are complicated and constantly changing.  What’s more, they can be even harder to keep up with if you don’t speak English.  

As the Trump Administration tightens border security and immigration enforcement, many Spanish-speaking Utah residents are turning to sources they trust for information and advice about immigration law.