Healthy Relationships Utah

USU's Healthy Relationship Utah initiative offers a variety of courses, online and in-person, that help singles, couples, and parents. Tune in to Morning Edition and All Things Considered to hear the latest Happiness Hacks on how you can build strong, meaningful relationships. More information on the Healthy Relationship Utah initiative can be found here.



The following is an unedited transcript.

Kailey Foster: Starting a new family dynamic can be difficult and introducing new stepparents is no exception. Sydney Gurney with USU Extension Healthy Living Utah teaches a course that focuses on stepfamily relations. She joins us today to talk about some of the challenges these families face thanks for joining me again.


 The following is an unedited transcript.

Today I'm talking with Sydney Gurney with USU Extension's Healthy Relationship Utah, to talk about a program to help build stepfamily relationships.