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Former USU Physics Professor and co-founder of the Small Satellite Conference at Utah State University, Dr. Raymond Gilbert Moore, passed away December 28, 2020 in Monument, Colorado at the age of 92. His aerospace career spanned the beginning of the U.S. Space Program in the late 1940s through the current space age. 

SQ Radio: Turtles And Tortoises On The Brink Of Extinction-- Their Fate Is In Our Hands

Jul 14, 2020

More than half of the world's turtles and tortoises could be extinct within the next 

15 years, according to a team of 51 scientists from across the world. The team conducted the

most comprehensive study to date of Testudines. Their findings are published in the journal Current Biology, June 22, 2020. Lead author of the study, Craig Stanford, joins SQ Radio to talk about the extinction risks and ways to reverse the decline and save many species of turtles and tortoises. 

SQ Radio: Temple Grandin Talks COVID-19

Jul 14, 2020
Courtesy of Rosalie Winard

The woman who thinks in pictures discusses the pandemic from her famous way of thinking.   

Based on her extensive research of coronavirus studies, Grandin offers solutions to some of the major challenges brought on by the pandemic such as shortages in common drug supply chains and how to prevent the massive waste of food that occurred in the livestock industry due to the slow down in meat and dairy distribution. She also reveals how the virus is affecting the workers at the meatpacking facilities. All of this and more! 

SQ Radio: One-Hour Special

Jan 20, 2020


Part I: Civil War and Revolution in Lebanon - A Commander's Perspective

Ramsey Farrage was just a kid in the Lebanese mountains when civil war broke out in 1975. He had to grow up quickly and turn into a trained soldier and leader in Druze terrtitory. Farrage decribes the making of the current October Revolution in this half-hour special.