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Record Your Story For UPR's Opioid Series

The UPR team is working on a new original series called "A State of Addiction: Utah's Opioid Epidemic," which will explore the cause and effects of opioid use.

In our research, we have discovered many of you have a personal story about the appeal and devastation of opioids. Maybe you are the user or it could be a loved one. For many reasons, UPR wants to give you a chance to share your thoughts, fears... your story.


We've set up a hotline for you to record and share. Call and leave a message directed to a loved one or to yourself. Use this opportunity to express to that person what you wish you would have known - the dangers and struggles - before opioids became a part of your life. Express your love to that person. Tell them what you hope for them. And let them know how you are able to help.

Call 435.797.5181 to record your story that, with your permission, could become part of our series. You'll have 8 minutes to leave a message and be sure to leave your name and a phone number or email so we can be in touch. If you have questions, email dani.hayes@usu.edu.