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'Safety First' with Lisa Diamond and Emily Darowski on Tuesday's Access Utah

On a white background, text reads, "Utah Women & Leadership Project." Below sit blue mountain silhouettes.

In a new research and policy brief from the Utah Women & Leadership Project titled “Safety First: The Health Implications of Social Belonging Among Utah Women,” University of Utah professor Lisa Diamond examines Utah women’s experiences with social safety, marginalization, and health. Among the findings: more than 45% of Utah women reported they felt “chronic unsafety,” at some point in their lives. Professor Diamond says that “Chronic hyper-vigilance takes a heavy toll on a person’s mental and physical health over time, increasing individuals’ risks for rumination, depressive symptoms, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and immune system dysfunction.”

Today we’ll talk with Lisa Diamond, Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at the University of Utah; and Emily Darowski, Associate Director of the Utah Women and Leadership Project.

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