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Logan StoryCorps: A strange encounter

Mr. Steev C stands smiling at his StoryCorps appointment in Logan in April 2023.  He has long straight dark hair, brown eyes, and wears a black teee shirt with black leather jacket and chain on his neck.
Mr. Steev C at his StoryCorps appointment in Logan in April 2023.

It's time again for Utah StoryCorps, everyday people sharing their stories at the story core recording booth in Logan.

NICK PORATH: One Cache Valley night Steev decided to go on a hike. You could say things were going pretty normal until he started to head back.

STEEV C: Hello, my name is Mr. Steev, I am 38 years old. I am currently in Logan, Utah. Today I have a story to tell. I was about 27 years old. So it might have been 11 years ago, give or take.

I was in a little bit of a rough patch in my life, I got kicked out of the apartment that I was living at. I found myself living at home, again, with my parents, and I love my parents, I'm grateful to have them in my life. And that being said, living with them is definitely another kind of situation. So I kind of found myself at the time just sleeping there, but spending a lot of time outdoors up the canyon.

So I just went up for a late night drive. I was able to go to the top of Green Canyon, and I got out of my truck and just kept on walking up there. Trying to just to get a little peace of mind and nature. And it got pretty late, started to head back around midnight or so. And this light came on behind me. And there were no other cars up the canyon.

So I turned around, because this light was actually bright enough to see my own shadow. It was like a spotlight and it was coming from this little dot in the sky. I just kind of stared at it. And I didn't know what to make of it. I mean, this was maybe 2011 and drones — they were not on a citizen scale at that point in time. Even if it was a military scale drone, why is that staring at me? Even that is a little perplexing. And there's no sound, it's just still and quiet. Just this light, and it felt like it was looking at me high up there. But I immediately just turned and looked straight up at it and was just fixed. I wasn't able to look at anything else.

And I'm staring at it just kind of floored. And I said out loud. "What the hell is that?" And then this light just turned off.

That's always gonna stay with me. I don't know what to make of that. You know, I like being in nature. And sometimes I think you can find zen in solitude and did not expect something like that to happen. Having an experience that I'm just never going to be sure about. I think it has really gave me more of an open ear with that kind of talk. My uncle actually has a UFO story as well. He actually has a couple of them and his took place out in Tooele. So it's always been a little bit of a wonder for me.

Support for Logan StoryCorps comes from Cache County and from USU Credit Union, a division of Goldenwest.

Nicholas Porath is a Logan native and music lover. He recently graduated from USU with a degree in broadcast journalism. It was while studying journalism that he found his niche and newfound love for radio. He first started out as an intern behind the scenes and found his way to the control room where he now hosts Here & Now on Monday through Friday from 11-1. Nick is also the producer for DEBUNKED.
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