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UnDisciplined: what will happen to Utah's 'greatest snow' when there's no more snow?


Utah is commonly known for its "greatest snow on earth" claim to fame. Home to 15 well-revered ski resorts, both residents and tourists alike spend the winter months on the slopes. However, this title of "greatest snow" is at risk due to climate change. The resorts and skiers are facing stress as snowfall decreases and temperatures rise. We're focusing on impacts, perceptions, and adaptation strategies that ski resorts are taking as they cope with climate change.

Jordan Smith is the director of the institute of outdoor recreation and tourism at Utah State University. His work uses social media analytics and geospatial technologies to develop an understanding of how outdoor recreation is changing across the American west.

Patrick Belmont is a hydrologist and geomorphologist. His research has advanced understanding of how landscapes and rivers change over time and the implications for water quantity and quality, flood risk, water resource management, and ecosystem health.

Their work with the climate adaptation science program at USU was published in the Bio One journal.

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