2020 Utah Legislative Session

Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune

On Tuesday's Access Utah, we check in with Utah legislators about the historic special session that began last week in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Robert Cutts


Two bills improving services to people with mental illness were signed into Utah law this week, allocating $24 million for the first year and $17 million in ongoing funds. These bills seek to keep people out of the hospital if possible, and also to make sure that if a person in crisis needs hospitalization, there’s a bed available.  

Poll: Utahns Don't Want More Restrictions On Abortion Rights

Mar 6, 2020
Robert Cutts

Members of the Utah Legislature have proposed a significant number of bills this session to restrict women's reproductive rights. However, a recent poll shows that a majority of Utahns disagree with their elected officials. The poll asked about 800 Utah citizens about issues such as sex education, contraceptive access, abortion and Roe v. Wade.


The tax reform bill that was passed in December by a special session of the Utah Legislature was soundly repudiated by a referendum drive that collected the required number of signatures before the regular session of the legislature began in January. Lawmakers subsequently repealed the tax reform bill. We wondered: what about now? Is there still a need for reform? What should happen next? What is likely to happen next? We’ll talk with the organizer of the referendum drive, Fred Cox. Our guests will also include Rep.

Bill To Decriminalize Polygamy Passes Utah Senate

Feb 26, 2020
Pablo, creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Senate bill 102 would decriminalize the practice of polygamy in Utah. The bill’s sponsor said it will help people who want to leave polygamy, but advocates for those seeking to escape the lifestyle have said it would allow abusers to operate with impunity. 

Bill Would Create New State Park In Utah

Feb 19, 2020
Ken Lund, commons.wikimedia.com

A bill recently introduced to the Utah statehouse revealed more details on a new state park proposal in the Moab area. The legislation would appropriate $10 million for the creation of Utahraptor State Park, roughly 15 miles north of Arches National Park.