Aimee Van Tatenhove

Aimee Van Tatenhove

With the days getting colder, getting outside can be tough. Counting birds in the name of science is a great way to spend some time outside, or just looking out your window.


Many social issues have been on the forefront of people’s minds this year, including human trafficking and protecting children. One Cache Valley non-profit is taking a step to help those in need this holiday season.

Tadashi Fukami

Studying flowers can teach us a surprising amount about how species in ecological communities interact.

NPS/Andrew Kuhn

Wildlife in Utah face many challenges, and the newly formed Utah Wildlife Federation hopes to protect wildlife across the state.


Artificial intelligence may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s used in everything from ride-sharing apps to personalized online shopping suggestions.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

With COVID-19 pushing people to spend more time outdoors, a statewide fishing challenge saw record enrollment this year, and funds from this challenge are being used to help keep Utah trout healthy.

Online memes can be fun to share, but they can also quickly spread disinformation.

Jessica Hua

As part of Utah State University’s Ecology Center Seminars, one of the leading researchers in aquatic ecosystem pollution is coming to town virtually this week.

The Carbon Free Power Project, owned by the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS), aims to provide the region with nuclear energy by 2030. Yet, with a seventh municipality voting to leave the project last week, feelings about the initiative are mixed.

Dr. Thanh Truong

Researchers at The University of Utah created a new smartphone app that allows users to design new drugs to fight against COVID-19.

Elizabeth Materna, USFWS

To improve restoration and agricultural practices, USU scientists are studying how soil microbes and moisture affect native and nonnative plants.

Aimee Van Tatenhove

Interest in food preservation has jumped since the start of the pandemic, but so has the spread of unsafe food preservation practices and misinformation.

Three California condors on a cliff edge

To reduce human threats to western birds, scientists have been exploring effects of severe fires and lead poisoning on California condors.

Joseph Wilson

Grand Staircase-Escalante is home to a rich assemblage of native bees, an often-overlooked part of Utah’s wildlife.

Fishing In Utah Increases During Pandemic

Sep 21, 2020
a hand holding a grey and green speckled Utah trout.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have been looking for socially distanced activities, which often means getting outdoors and one popular activity has been fishing.

To better understand monarch declines, Utah Department of Wildlife Resources biologists have been conducting monarch surveys in Uintah county to look for monarch adults, caterpillars, and eggs.