On Thursday, criminal charges were filed against a man who drove over 100 miles per hour to cross the state line into Arizona after refusing to pull over for law enforcement.

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A coalition of Arizona voting-rights groups has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to block new voter-suppression laws enacted by the state Legislature.

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New figures show since the 2020 election, thousands of Arizonans have changed their voter registration to a different party, shifting in significant numbers from Democrats and Republicans to Independents.

CAP Cuts Costs, Goes Green To Deliver Water To Arizonans

Apr 23, 2021

Four out of five Arizonans use water delivered to them across the state through the pumps, canals and reservoirs of the Central Arizona Project. In recent years, the CAP has found a more economical and environmentally friendly way to deliver these critical water supplies.

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Meal programs for older adults often are underfunded in the best of times, but when the pandemic hit Arizona and other states, the demand for nutrition assistance grew rapidly, stretching many social-service groups' budgets to the breaking point. But that may be changing, since Congress passed the American Rescue Plan, which includes a $175 million infusion for senior-nutrition programs.

AZ Regulators Consider Extending Ban On Utility Shut-offs

Mar 31, 2021
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As climate change continues to push Arizona's environment to deadly extremes, regulators are debating whether to limit when and how utilities can cut power to people behind on their bills.

Navajo Generating Station

A potential new operator of a coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Nation says it would run the plant at less than half its capacity to ensure it's economical.

Fewer employees, and a new lease and coal supply agreement also are in the mix as Chicago-based Middle River Power pursues a takeover of the Navajo Generating Station.

Utah Desert

National weather and wildfire experts say the American Southwest is one of the regions hardest hit by drought as many areas have received just a fraction of their normal precipitation while temperatures have climbed.

Climatologist Brian Fuchs with National Drought Mitigation Center painted a grim picture Wednesday as he used a series of maps to depict the dryness that has consumed the Four Corners region — where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah meet.