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What Are Your 'Kitchen Essentials?' On Bread and Butter

Jul 7, 2020

Jenn- So Lael, recently you shared with us your top 10 essential items for the kitchen.

Lael- I did

Jenn- It was a great list. I got to thinking, we have some sophisticated listeners on Utah Public Radio, and maybe they have a lot of those items.  So what about a list, maybe just a top 5, of some essential tools that you may not have in your kitchen.  Well let’s jump in and see.

Summer Lemonade On Bread And Butter

Jul 7, 2020

Do you have strong feelings about lemonade and lemonade flavors? The drink, nearly synonymous with summer doesn’t often solicit strong opinions. It’s one thing that appears to be nearly universally loved (or at least universally acknowledged that it is here to stay) and almost always skipped over in any sort of food debate or strong feeling discussion. And I didn’t think I had strong feelings about it, either. It’s always been there. A staple of life and I love it. That should be the end, right? Right. Until …

Courtesy of "Irresistible" movie.

Irresistible is a satirical comedy about an out-of-touch political strategist (a predictable Steve Carell, Beautiful Boy, 2018) who moves from Washington D.C. to rural Wisconsin to help a conservative farmer (a laconic Chris Cooper, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, 2019) run for mayor. 

Brian Champagne



 If you picture yourself shifting gears on a twisty road with the wind in your hair, you’re part of a shrinking group. Car Guy Brian Champagne loved a sports car he borrowed from Toyota, but he’s worried that it won’t survive because it’s stuck between generations.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Jun 21, 2020

My best cooking is usually born of not following a recipe.  In other words, I tend to make things up. I come by this honestly, really. My mother often didn’t follow recipes, either. The few recipes I have from her are a hodgepodge of guesses and tips from what I can remember or gleaned from questions asked, years later for clarification. 

Grid-Zine Fest

Today, news and entertainment media outlets continue to focus their content around the digital medium especially as more and more people are consuming their news and entertainment through social media. But there is a movement to keep print alive through the free-form publications called zines.

Wikimedia Commons

This is a rebroadcast from July 19, 2019.

Lael - So Jenn, last week I was thinning out my kitchen cupboards.  They are full of stuff, but if I could only have 10 essential tools in my kitchen, what would I choose? It's kind of the desert island question, if you had a kitchen on the desert island.  Here they are, you tell me what you think.  I’m going to start at the end.

Courtesy of "Shirley" movie

Actress Elisabeth Moss (The Invisible Man, 2020) appears to be on a mission continually portraying serious female roles in dark, emotionally arduous films (like The Invisible Man from earlier this year, The Kitchen from 2019, Us from 2019, and The Handmaid's Tale TV series from 2017 to today). And like a contemporary Greta Garbo, Elisabeth has succeeded again diving bravely into a richly complex, unlikeable, unglamorous title role in Shirley.

During these times of unrest and uncertainty we’ve been checking in with writers, poets, and musicians. Next time on Access Utah our guest is Craig Jessop, Director of American Festival Chorus and Orchestra and former Director of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, also former Dean of the USU Caine College of the Arts.

Pounds Of Anxiety

Jun 8, 2020


Has your weight crept up the past few months? It seems to be a topic of great conversation lately. I know my circle of friends have not been immune to wondering about or noticing a few extra pounds since the start of spring.  One quick internet search brings up a host of articles on the subject with varying themes: stop worrying about the weight you are gaining, sudden cooking at home will of course make you gain weight, tips to prevent, tips to rid yourself of the ones that crept on, emotional eating, etc. And if we’re not reading about it, we’re thinking about it. Are our leggings (and let’s be honest, it’s leggings. Bi-monthly grocery trips upgrade to my signature overalls, but leggings are my everyday not leaving the house go to, pandemic or not) feeling tight or is that a figment of our stuck at home imaginations? It’s been a hot topic for sure.

Courtesy of "The Painter And The Their" Movie

The Painter and the Thief is a documentary released on May 22nd of this year and available on Hulu. When two expensive paintings are stolen from an art gallery in Oslo, Norway, the artist privately reaches out to one the convicted thieves to try and locate her paintings. But the thief does not remember anything about his crime.

A Radio Quiz: Can You Name The Utah Cities With Food Names?

Jun 3, 2020

On this week's bread and butter, join Jenn Ashton and Lael Gilbert for a quiz about Utah cities with food names. Take a listen and play along.

This episode of Bread and Butter is a rebroadcast from Sept. 26, 2019.


Courtesy of "The Lovebirds" Movie

When watching the R-rated comedy, The Lovebirds, it starts out with a very romantically casual mood, but that mood is soon smashed like a cockroach under a boot as a loving couple (a.k.a. lovebirds) is launched into a dangerous mystery of dead bodies, hot bacon grease, and a secret sex cult. 

Do I Hafta??

May 28, 2020

This Bread and Butter episode is a repeat from Nov. 15, 2019. 

I’ve realized, by hanging out with people who don’t know how to cook, that I really can competently make my way around the kitchen. I’m a home chef, not a pro. But I’ve realized, by watching the way my teenagers slaughter apples with a chef’s knife and massacre a brownie mix… a brownie mix! How hard could it be? … that over the years I’ve actually become pretty handy to have around, culinarily speaking.

Courtesy of "Adam" movie.

Sometimes a film gains attention for great acting performances or for new special effects technology, and sometimes a film gains attention for controversy. Adam has made a mark as a controversial film.

Post-Coronavirus Table Manners

May 21, 2020

My kids have terrible table manners. I’m sorry to rat them out on a radio program broadcasted across the entire state of Utah and southern Idaho, but there it is. Some days, I wonder if my son imagines he is at boot camp with only a few seconds to shovel in every last bite before a drill sergeant bellows, “Get up and give me 10!”

Courtesy of "The Lodge" Movie


Although the weather outside is sunny and breezy right now, it makes for an interesting time to watch a film full of snow, ice, and terror.


After enduring a family tragedy, a young brother and sister are "encouraged" to spend their Christmas holiday with their father and his new strange fiancée in their family's remote vacation lodge. But work calls the father away for a few days, forcing the children to spend time with this woman they hardly know while surrounded by miles of frozen New England forest. Strained family relationships are the impetus of this psychological horror full of secrets, nightmares, and major religious baggage.   

'Give Me Liberty' Review With Casey

May 13, 2020
Courtesy of "Give Me Liberty" Movie

Oftentimes film critics describe what they see by categorizing films into genres or styles. But then films like Give Me Liberty come along that achieve such a uniqueness it's difficult to specify any genre boundaries. First released in August 2019, and now available through Netflix, Give Me Liberty is a gem of independent filmmaking that takes viewers on a hectic, crowded, one-day journey. 

A Cast Iron Home

May 11, 2020

My husband has been home for the past few weeks, his business being deemed as non-essential for the time being.  We’ve started ticking things off that long term to do list all households seem to have, the one that adds on and changes as the months turn into years but rarely dwindles until a pandemic rears and you become bored and sit and sift and cull and realize that setting up those motion sensor lights really aren’t the priority or want you assumed and mark it off for good.  One of the tick boxes, however, that made the cut was attention paid to our cast iron pans.

Cook-Along Experiment

May 5, 2020
chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles

During a normal Spring season, my extended family would have gathered to celebrate birthdays, holidays, the monthly Sunday night dinner and even a sisters’ night. As it is currently the Coronavirus Stay Safe, Stay Home Spring of 2020, we have done none of those things; at least, we’ve done none of those things in person.

COVID Cooking

May 1, 2020

In a world of Covid isolation, how has eating and cooking changed for you?

'Waves' Review With Casey

Apr 24, 2020
Movie poster for Waves
A24 Films


Writer-director Trey Edward Shults (It Comes at Night, 2017) is successfully spreading his roots in telling interesting, rich, current stories. Waves is Shults' latest entry in the independent film canon, and like a hot slice of lasagna, it is layered, filling, and wonderful. 

Food And Emotion

Apr 17, 2020


Food is emotional.  I’m not talking about the emotional eating of ice cream while crying over a break up, really, but the guttural emotions surrounding what we feel while thinking about, preparing and consuming the morsels that make up our cells and our lives.  And no one is immune from feeling things about food, be it from a place of absence or abundance, fondness or regret.  Even the void of feeling is a feeling itself.  For better or for worse, we all have emotions associated with food as we grow, or have grown; physically, mentally and emotionally.

One-pan Meals

Apr 17, 2020

A conversation on one-pan meals with Jenn Ashton and Lael Gilbert.

A Utahn At CookieCon

Apr 17, 2020


Several years ago a new conference popped up in Salt Lake City. CookieCon. A conference for cookie makers. And not just any cookie makers, artists of royal icing, who create edible works of art in an endless array of shapes and sizes.