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It’s not often I watch a movie that feels like it was made for me. Boy Erased is such a movie. Based on a memoir of the same name by Garrard Conley first published in 2016, Boy Erased tells the story of a teenage boy in a devout Baptist family who comes out as gay to his parents and is then enrolled in a conversion therapy program to cure him of his attraction to men.

Today let’s talk about houseplant pests. It’s a big concern this time of year as you’re moving plants indoors for the winter. You want to look for signs of infestation as you move plants indoors so they don’t spread to other plants.

When a professional, black piano player hires a white nightclub bouncer to drive him on a 2-month concert tour through the Deep South in 1962, an awkward road trip turns into a journey of sobering self-discovery. 

Creed 2

Creed II is a sequel to the hit drama Creed from 2015 that was directed by Ryan Coogler (Black Panther, 2018). This sequel again pairs famous boxing champion Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone, Escape Plan, 2013) with his protégé Adonis Johnson, the son of one of Rocky’s greatest rivals, Apollo Creed. 

Winter Bird Feeding on Wild About Utah

Nov 30, 2018

Most people enjoy watching birds, except for their occasional deposits on cars or windows.  In an earlier program, I mentioned at least fifteen benefits that birds provide to humans and planet Earth.  But as human population and developments increase, the survival of many bird species becomes threatened. 

A new book highlighting places of interest in Logan and Cache Valley is being released this week.  The travel guide, 117 Amazing Things To Do In Logan and Cache Valley, Utah, explores obvious and hidden attractions.

Four Tips For Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Nov 23, 2018

November is quite a quiet month in the vegetable garden.  If the weather is still good, I’d recommend you go out and finish your garden cleanup.  Pull up the stakes, remove the garden cages, pick up any dead residue, work up the soil as best you can, try and get that thing cleaned up for next year. 


Once in a while a movie comes along that defies categorization. Being part war drama, part horror mystery, part action frenzy, Overlord is such a movie. It’s also difficult to categorize because it’s completely insane.

The Wild Utah Turkey

Nov 16, 2018

Soon families and friends will gather to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. The most common table faire on the table will no doubt be a Thanksgiving turkey. Unlike the adage that one can never have too much of a good thing, that wasn’t exactly the case for our native wild turkeys.


Now that the leaves have dropped from most of our fruit plants there are still a few chores left to do to prepare trees for frigid winter weather.

A Little Bit About Pumpkins

Nov 15, 2018

After Halloween, we typically have maybe a few pumpkins still laying around and I want to make a clarification on a couple of things. Sometimes people think that your jack-o-lantern pumpkins are the very same as what we would use for making pies. 


As part of UPR’s Women 20/20 series, we applaud the women of Utah who have chipped away at barriers to jobs previously done only by men.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a half musical half biographical film about the rock band Queen and its rise to fame in the 1970s and 80s with particular attention on the life of the band’s lead singer Freddy Mercury. Born as Farrokh Bulsara to traditional parents from India who immigrated to London, Freddie Mercury’s story as a bold, risk-taking visionary is one that will inspire and fascinate audiences, despite this film smoothing over many rough edges of the band’s life.

WWI Era Utah: Forgotten Costs And Hidden Histories

Nov 8, 2018
Utah State University

As winds of World War One raged through Europe, Utah began to feel its chill.  Adjunct Professor at Utah State University, Emily Wheeler shares the following pieces of her research into some forgotten costs and gems of World War One era Utah.   

The Utah Division of Arts & Museums is partnering with Thanksgiving Point to gather information from patrons to measure the impact of cultural organizations on communities.

A study to help determine the social impacts of cultural organizations in Utah will measure how museums, gardens and the state's planetarium can address social change. 

Beginning Thursday Cache Valley's historic movie theater, the Utah Theatre, will be the location of a film series based on WWI.

The First World War Centennial Film Festival begins with the showing of All Quiet on the Western Front. This 1930 film is about a disillusioned soldier who faces the horrors of war.

Cars, SUVs, Crossovers: Which Do You Choose?

Oct 18, 2018
Brian Champagne

I’m going to try to sell you on one of three great cars. You probably won’t buy one, but read on.

Kaycee Pearce and Stephen Page train after winning Mountain Force MMA championship
Jackson Wilde

Mixed Martial Arts — a collision of two opponents leveling strikes, chokes and joint-locks as means of conquering one another. It’s a calculated, violent and reliably controversial sport, that has grown widely in popularity over the past two decades.

On Monday morning I visited what looked like a huge, elaborate fort on the campus of Utah State University.  The structure is constructed of thin willow branches woven together in a flowing pattern.  Volunteers were just starting to arrive to continue building.  

VW Bus Makes A Comeback As A Classic Car Investment

Aug 10, 2018
Brian Champagne

The German automotive company Volkswagen has announced their classic VW Bus is coming back as an all-electric vehicle with an expected showroom date of 2022.


   In 2011, Alan Hashimoto, a professor from Utah State University, created the Logan Film Festival with some of his students. Hashimoto passed away one year after the festival's premiere, leaving his students to continue the festival, along with producer Mason Johnson.

Poster for the Musical
Eric Price


In 2003, a play called The Violet Hour, written by Richard Greenberg, premiered on Broadway. In 2018, writer Eric Price and composer Will Reynolds decided to turn the play into a musical.

Where Did The Piano Keys Come From?

Jul 27, 2018
Wendi Hassan


Walking down Main Street in Logan, I noticed something odd about the center street crosswalk. Getting closer, I noticed it had piano keys painted from one sidewalk to the other. I like to keep tabs on the art in Logan, but I had never heard from anyone that painted them.

William Remmers in his element
Joe Ritter


“My name is William Remmers. I am a conductor and performer at the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre this summer, the summer of 2018.”

Keri Wilt compared to her great-great-grandmother
Keri Wilt


  In 1911, a book called The Secret Garden was published. At the time it didn’t receive much attention, but over the years it would grow to become a children’s classic. The book was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett who also wrote classics such as A Little Princess and Little Lord Fauntleroy.