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Beginning Thursday Cache Valley's historic movie theater, the Utah Theatre, will be the location of a film series based on WWI.

The First World War Centennial Film Festival begins with the showing of All Quiet on the Western Front. This 1930 film is about a disillusioned soldier who faces the horrors of war.

Cars, SUVs, Crossovers: Which Do You Choose?

Oct 18, 2018
Brian Champagne

I’m going to try to sell you on one of three great cars. You probably won’t buy one, but read on.

Kaycee Pearce and Stephen Page train after winning Mountain Force MMA championship
Jackson Wilde

Mixed Martial Arts — a collision of two opponents leveling strikes, chokes and joint-locks as means of conquering one another. It’s a calculated, violent and reliably controversial sport, that has grown widely in popularity over the past two decades.

On Monday morning I visited what looked like a huge, elaborate fort on the campus of Utah State University.  The structure is constructed of thin willow branches woven together in a flowing pattern.  Volunteers were just starting to arrive to continue building.  

VW Bus Makes A Comeback As A Classic Car Investment

Aug 10, 2018
Brian Champagne

The German automotive company Volkswagen has announced their classic VW Bus is coming back as an all-electric vehicle with an expected showroom date of 2022.


   In 2011, Alan Hashimoto, a professor from Utah State University, created the Logan Film Festival with some of his students. Hashimoto passed away one year after the festival's premiere, leaving his students to continue the festival, along with producer Mason Johnson.

Poster for the Musical
Eric Price


In 2003, a play called The Violet Hour, written by Richard Greenberg, premiered on Broadway. In 2018, writer Eric Price and composer Will Reynolds decided to turn the play into a musical.

Where Did The Piano Keys Come From?

Jul 27, 2018
Wendi Hassan


Walking down Main Street in Logan, I noticed something odd about the center street crosswalk. Getting closer, I noticed it had piano keys painted from one sidewalk to the other. I like to keep tabs on the art in Logan, but I had never heard from anyone that painted them.

William Remmers in his element
Joe Ritter


“My name is William Remmers. I am a conductor and performer at the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre this summer, the summer of 2018.”

Keri Wilt compared to her great-great-grandmother
Keri Wilt


  In 1911, a book called The Secret Garden was published. At the time it didn’t receive much attention, but over the years it would grow to become a children’s classic. The book was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett who also wrote classics such as A Little Princess and Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Matthew Lloyd

Utah, home to a stunning variety of musicians -- not to mention a world-famous choir -- bustles with music. While Utahns cherish their favorite local rock, folk and even jazz groups, unsung are some of Salt Lake City's hardcore punk bands. UPR's Dennis Stock took a trip to the capital city to talk with PXR band member, Matthew Lloyd.

Thunderbird Foundation For The Arts


Maynard Dixon was a successful western artist, known for his impressionistic works featuring southern Utah and Arizona landscapes. In 1939 he left his home in San Francisco for Mount Carmel, Utah - a small town settlement bordered by national parks and public lands.

Working on a machette
David Sidwell

Deep in the mountains of Tuscany, Italy exists a small town, dedicated to one thing: marble. In Carrara, marble is everywhere. Bright white marble floors, blocks of marble lining the river, and many, many marble sculptures.

Located in University of Utah’s Crocker Science Building
Americans for the Arts

In the state of Utah, over 230 permanent artworks have been placed on sidewalks, parks, city buildings and plazas. Many of these works include sculptures, paintings, landscapes, and installations. The thing that makes these artworks interesting, is that they were all funded by legislation, a statute called the Utah Percent-for-Art Act.

Brian Champagne

Are you wearing a t-shirt with a design on it right now? Ed Roth’s fans say you have him to thank for it. 

Cache Valley from above

Cache Valley is home to the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Museum of Anthropology, and Utah State University Geology Museum. But it doesn't have a museum about the history of Cache Valley. That may change soon.

Logan Library Sending Out Surveys For Public Input

May 25, 2018
A view of the Logan Library near the police department
Logan City


The Logan Library is a sanctuary for academics, researchers and your common bookworm. It has been stationed near the Logan City Police Department since 1985 when the then-library director, Ronald Jenkins, pushed for a new building and increased library funding.

Is The Music Scene Growing In Cache Valley?

May 23, 2018
Local band Entwood plays on the new WhySound Stage.
Danny Wildmon


Salt Lake City and Ogden have always been the music centers of northern Utah. But what about Cache Valley?

Exascale - Sandia National Laboratories

  What do you hear? Someone saying “laurel” or someone saying “yanny”? Well, this particular audio clip has been conflicting many internet users over the past week.

The Urban Arts Gallery in Salt Lake City currently has a Star Wars based arts exhibit on display. ‘Star Wars: Heroes and Villains’ features fan art from not only the Star Wars Universe, but many other science fiction universes as well, and it’s all created by local Utah artists.

The JenkStars are a group of up-cycle engineers and artists, who pride themselves in their abilities to create just about anything out of junk, hence the name Jenkstars. From compostable toilets to a giant flying saucer sculpture covered in solar panels, these people can build it all.


This Friday there will be some very happy high school students packing the Eccles Theater in downtown Salt Lake City. Students from around the state will be traveling to Utah's capital to watch the award-winning musical Hamilton, a hit Broadway production about founding father Alexander Hamilton. 

Pocatello High School Students rehearse their song on the Bus
Idaho State Journal


The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a mobile music and video recording studio. Traveling across the country, the bus is used by small groups of students to create songs, music videos and other media projects.

A photo taken by Marshall Stewart, of a landscape pre-inundation
Martha Ham



Fifty-five years ago, the federal government began flooding a Utah canyon by building a dam. Water from the blocked Colorado River in Glen Canyon serves as a source of recreation on Lake Powell and produces hydropower for seven western states - Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming.

A collaboration of various choirs singing together
Temple Square


The Temple Square Festival of Choirs is a series of concerts held in the Salt Lake Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. This year’s festival includes many choirs from around Utah who will be performing at various times on April 27th and 28th.