Bailey Kern

Bailey Kern



Cache Valley is the cheese capital of Utah.  In efforts to celebrate this, Cache Valley held the first annual cheese and dairy festival on Saturday. I had the opportunity to talk with some leaders in the industry while attending the festival.  


After many students at Utah State University were faced with housing problems, the university had to prepare for the current semester.

Western Governors University recently conducted a study about the outstanding barriers adult learners in Utah face as nontraditional students.

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While the nation continues to face a blood shortage, two universities in Utah are hoping to collect 2,000 units of blood as part of a friendly competition.

Student housing is not exempt from Utah’s housing shortage. Across the state, student’s at higher education institutes are struggling to find housing as the beginning of fall semester approaches.

Each year, cities and towns across Utah hold Truth in Taxation hearings. These hearings are mandated by state law and provide an opportunity for residents to respond to increasing property taxes.


With school starting again next month, officials at higher education institutions across Utah are working on plans to help students safely return, especially since it’s difficult to accurately know how many of those students are actually vaccinated.


A fundraiser for the Utah Humane society allowed people to send “flocks” of seagulls to their friends and families this month.


In 2017, Tallia Feltis signed the lease for an empty photo studio in a Provo mall and opened the Neighborhood Art Center. According to Feltis, she launched the non-profit because she believed her community needed more creative spaces. 

The year 2020 marked multiple significant anniversaries for voting rights in the United States and the Cache Celebration of Women’s Suffrage Committee was formed by community members who wanted to honor these events.

Kailey Foster

The website Finance Buzz recently analyzed the average fares at 45 of the busiest airports in the United States and ranked the Salt Lake International Airport as the fourth most expensive. According to an airport spokes person, the types of flights coming to and from the airport are one reason.

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Candice Pierucci, the founding board chair for the Republican Women Lead Political Action Committee said it is important to have republican female voices represented in the state legislature.


Covid-19 has exacerbated the housing costs in Utah, making the market unaffordable for many renters and buyers. Dejan Eskic works at the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute and said tremendous change is one reason why housing has become so expensive this past year.

In Cache County, the RAPZ and Restaurant Tax is a 0.1% sales tax that is used to support things like community arts and recreation. While the pandemic had many negative financial consequences,  since people kept supporting local restaurants the fund didn’t suffer.