CAPSA Sees Record Number Of Calls, Clients

Jun 22, 2020

Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse in Logan just experienced its highest capacity week in 40 years.


In a typical week, the nonprofit shelters 20 individuals. Last week, it housed 47.


CAPSA reports high volume of calls, clients through pandemic, and numbers rising as coronavirus mitigation efforts ease, meaning fewer victims trapped at home with their abusers.
Rusty Frank / U. S. Air Force

According to Lt. Troy Thurston, the Logan City Police Department has responded to 265 incidents related to domestic violence since Jan. 1, and 104 of those occurred after March 15 — right around the time Utah started issuing “stay at home” initiatives. 

COVID-19, Coronavirus measures, including stay home directives, have lead to many people cleaning and organizing their homes — and bags and bags of items to be donated.
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Spring cleaning came with an added punch this year: people were told to stay home as much as possible during the outbreak of the coronavirus, so many took the time to clean out closets and garages. And that’s resulted in a massive amount of items to be donated.

Grocery stores unstocked due to panic-buying over the coronavirus.
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As the global coronavirus pandemic continues, more and more people are relying on the services of non-profits. UPR’s Kat Webb has been visiting with different non-profit leaders in Cache County and today, our news director, Matilyn Mortensen, had a conversation with her about what she’s been hearing.  

Is Human Trafficking On The Rise In Utah?

Nov 14, 2019
Department of Defense

“It’s a silent crime," said Lucy Servellon, CAPSA’s Northern Utah Liaison for Human Trafficking. "Nobody sees it, but it’s there."