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Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Bighorn sheep don’t sound good coughing. And biologists warn it’s the sign of sheeps’ number one killer - pneumonia.

Utah Cattlemen's Association


“The big get bigger, and the small go out.” That’s what United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue told farmers in Wisconsin last week at the World Dairy Expo. Advocates for family farms are denouncing the claims, saying small farms are as important and innovative as ever. 

A skating rink in the winter, a performance stage in the summer, and more downtown housing. It’s all part of the Center Block plan presented to Cache Valley citizens Wednesday. 


The Bureau of Land Management was planning to tear out and wood chip more than 30,000 acres of trees near Kanab, but its plan was overruled by the Interior Board of Land Appeals last week.

Matt Jensen

When Bob Hardy left work at Revolve Recycling in Logan last Tuesday, everything felt normal. It wasn’t until he got a call from a coworker that he learned his job would not exist by Friday. 

For The Love Of Football: Why Do Public Institutions Still Play BYU In Football?

Aug 28, 2019
BYU Campus in Provo, Utah

A half century after Lloyd Eaton coached the Wyoming Cowboys football team, he isn’t remembered for his gridiron prowess or ability to win. 

Eli Lucero / Court Pool

The family of five-year-old Lizzy Shelley is breathing a little easier, as her murderer pleaded guilty to all serious charges facing him.


Alexander Whipple entered a guilty plea Tuesday, admitting to killing and sexually assaulting his five year old niece, Lizzy Shelley. In May, Whipple was arrested and charged after a five day search for the girl.

Ray Bloxham / Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

In between the San Rafael Swell and Capitol Reef National Park, Factory Butte rises out of the desert like an impossible pyramid of shale in a sandstone sea. Clearly visible from U.S. Highway 24, the butte is often the muse of photographers and day tourists captivated by its grandeur and moon-like hills surrounding it. 

A dry winter and one of the warmest springs on record has experts worried about the potential of wildfires on Utah’s West Desert. The Bureau of Land Management is issuing restrictions on BLM lands in Salt Lake, Utah, Tooele, Rich and Box Elder Counties.

William Perry Pendley was announced as the acting director of much of the country’s federal lands Monday. The thing is, Pendley thinks the government shouldn’t even own those lands. 

Carter Moore / Utah Public Radio

Protestors on tour took over one street corner in Logan Monday, but were not advocating for what one may expect.

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Last week, when eight companies were chosen to grow medical cannabis in Utah, 73 applicants were left without. One grower already filed a lawsuit, and according to one industry leader, more will probably go to court soon.

Carter Moore / Utah Public Radio

The sweeping views and alien-like rock formations of Utah’s national parks draw more visitors to the state every year, but without fixing crumbling roads and bridges, park advocates say, they won’t be able to support the tourists much longer.  

Box Elder County

Northern Utahns woke up Monday to the familiar summer sight of smoke plumes over the mountains, as a new wildfire consumes land northwest of Tremonton. For Kevin Anderson, it was personal.

Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security

Flying thousands of feet above the southern border, eight white blimps, each 200-feet long, scan the vast expanses of desert and open water, looking for any and all activity approaching the United States. 

Gail Patricelli


For Gail Patricelli, when a female sage-grouse dies, it’s arts and crafts time. She collects the corpses and taxidermies them to the top of a robotic tank kit. She then drives the sage grouse around the breeding grounds - known as leks - to try and understand the threatened birds. 

Carter Moore / Utah Public Radio

 219 million dollars. That’s the price, according to the National Park Service, that it would cost to address the maintenance issues that have been deferred in Utah’s 14 parks, monuments and historical sites. Thanks to a bill introduced by US congressman from Utah Rob Bishop though, these projects may finally get funded. 


If everything continues as planned, more than 30 communities in Utah will be at least partly nuclear powered by 2027. The Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, or UAMPS, a cooperative of municipal energy leaders, has contracted to be the first in the world to try out a Modular Nuclear Reactor. That's a small nuclear reactor that is, in theory, safer and more efficient than the traditional reactor. For Utah’s environmentalists, however, this project brings more problems than solutions. 

Carter Moore / Utah Public Radio

Nestled on a hill below Utah State University sits a quarter acre farm of over 100 seasonal crops cultivated and harvested by the Utah Conservation Corps and their volunteers. These plants, however, are not being shipped to grocery stores or even sold at farmers markets. 

Aspen tree grove with wildfire of orange flames and dark smoke.
US Forest Service

In August 2013, the Millville Fire consumed over 3,000 acres of state, private and federal land in Cache County, Utah. It was the last big fire in the area, and foresters and legislators hope it stays that way.

During a camping trip with his Boy Scout group, a young boy was injured in Hobble Creek Canyon Tuesday morning after a black bear wandered into his campsite, according to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Dani Hayes / Utah Public Radio

Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox was at Utah State University Wednesday to speak at a trauma and resiliency conference. While he did not bring the big green “Vote Cox” campaign bus, the frontrunner candidate answered questions for the reasons why he wants to be the next governor of Utah.

Carter Moore / Utah Public Radio

Wildlife poachers in Utah have two new officers to fear in the Division of Wildlife Resources, but when catching criminals, these two come on all fours and with very wet noses.

Bears Ears National Monument; Southern utah
Mark Stevens /

As the appointed committee for the management of Bears Ears National Monument meets for the first time today, stakeholders hope they can agree on the monument’s future. But for tribal advocates of the monument, they don’t believe the committee itself was fairly chosen.

Not Enough Fire In Our Forests, Study Suggests

Jun 3, 2019
Milena Rockwood / Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest

Smokey the Bear has reminded campers for 75 years that “only you can prevent forest fires” but much of today’s wildfires are more catastrophic than ever, and that isn’t exactly your fault. While fire is a natural and necessary part of forests, fuels have accumulated from years of suppression and mismanagement.

Logan City Names New Poet Laureate

May 30, 2019
Shanan Ballam

Shanan Ballam is a senior lecturer at Utah State University, where she teaches poetry and fiction writing. In her new role as poet laureate for the city of Logan, she will get to teach and advocate to more than just university students.