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Over the course of the holidays, approximately 40 percent of food in the U.S. is wasted. Numerically, that adds up to about 293 million dollars just thrown away. Food waste typically gets thrown into the trash, where it ultimately ends up taking up space in a landfill. Without light or oxygen in the landfill, food waste cannot decompose properly and ends up releasing methane.


Wow, October and November have been quite this fall for us. They've been a real bonus here in northern Utah. So if your garden needs some attention, hopefully, you got things put to bed this year.

Mulch is a useful topdressing around garden beds and trees at Utah State University
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Utah State University is one of 19 universities being awarded the 2017-2018 PepsiCo Recycling Zero Impact Fund. The fund recognizes projects with green initiatives.

Avoid The Rake, Leave Your Leaves

Nov 17, 2016
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The National Wildlife Federation suggests leaving the leaves that fall on your yard in Autumn right where they are in an online article. They sight the benefits to everything from soil nutrition and landfill waste reduction, to a host of small and medium sized animals for whom the fallen leaves provide a habitat.